There will be strict discipline for spreading fake information.

In social networks and in messengers, mainly foreign ones, various kind of information are being disseminated about the events that took place in Nukus city on July 1-2, photos and videos are published, some of them after checking are turned out to be completely unrelated to Karakalpakstan. Some appeals by unknown persons, often hiding their faces and changing their voice, are made on behalf of the population of Karakalpakstan. However, everyone whose native language is Karakalpak clearly says that the person in the video speaks with strong accent.
So, one of the foreign Telegram channels published a photo of a baby with postoperative sutures on the body, which, judging by the medical supplies, is in the intensive care unit. The caption to the photo states that this child was wounded during the days of riots in the city of Nukus.
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, contacted by the press service of the National Guard, explained that minors with injuries requiring surgical intervention, regardless of the circumstances under which these injuries were received, and with any serious illnesses in general, are delivered for qualified medical care, only to the Karakalpak branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care.
The press service has visited this center to clarify the situation and obtain information about the condition of the child from the published photo, if he was actually admitted to the hospital.
The duty surgeon, Boburbek Tilmurodov, said that the child whose photo was published by the Telegram channel, and in general, a child with such injuries, was not received by the center either this or last month.
Dear citizens, do not rush to believe everything that is distributed on the internet, and even more so, do not distribute unverified information further in order to avoid inducing panic in society. The mini-investigation conducted by the press service can be done by each of you.
We also remind you that for the dissemination of false information, including in the media, telecommunications networks or the Internet, liability is provided, up to criminal liability.

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