Open day with youth of Jizzakh region

On January 18, the National Guard Office for the Jizzakh region, in cooperation with the Jizzakh Regional Department of the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, held an open day with the participation of unorganized youth, students of higher educational institutions, students of secondary schools and children of paramilitary classes and family orphanage.

Those who spoke at the opening of the event wished good luck to all participants, speaking about the reforms carried out in our country today, the youth policy and the opportunities given to young people on its implementation. After that, the participants of the event and young people got acquainted with the services and propaganda vehicles prepared by the Department, Special Vehicles, medical equipment, communications and operational moving group tasks and received information about them.

In the second part of the event, the participants rode service horses, and also got acquainted with the equipment and their functions which military personnel uses to conquer the mountain and heights.

Competitions in archery, rock climbing and rope pulling sports caused the participants of the event to be applauded along with their uncompromising arguments.  At the end of this open day, which brought together more than a hundred guys and girls, the winners were awarded diplomas from the organizers.

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