The commander of the National Guard took part in a festive event organized at The Orphanage No. 14 in Chirchik.

Spring events in the same circle, where spring breath is walking in our country, give everyone a high mood. In particular, at the initiative of the command of the National Guard, an event organized at the Orphanage No. 14, located in the city of Chirchik, also turned into a great joy.
At the event, took part the commander of the National Guard, Major General R. Djuraev, Mayor of Chirchik D. Hidoyatov, city attorney H. Buriev, the heads of the mutual organizations and the military personnel of the system.
The high-level event featured the "best osh" and "the best spring salad " competitions.
In the competition, the cadet girls of the University of Public Safety and military personnel of urgent military service closely helped the participants.
According to the final results, teams who prepared sweet dishes were given decent incentives in different denominations.

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